About Us


PI Pharma

Thanks to our professional and motivated employees, we have been delivering throughout the years an outstanding service to our clients. That competence has been rewarded by year after year increasing sales numbers. Most likely we are one of the fastest growing pharmaceutical companies in Europe.
The aim of PI Pharma is to offer Belgian pharmacists an extensive range of both registered medicines, OTC products and medical equipment. Thanks to our national coverage of the market we are able to supply all pharmacists throughout the country with short delivery deadlines.


PI Pharma meets the strictest conditions of the Belgian and European authorities. The parallel imported pharmaceutical products that we distribute in Belgium are being sourced in the European Union. Before we could deal with such products, PI Pharma has gone through an extensive control by Health Authorities in order to comply with national and international health legislation. These requirements have been met by PI Pharma so we work towards the highest standards of safety. With utmost care, we repackage the goods to provide them with a leaflet in the three national languages.